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Mining Tool - Quantanium Calculator

Asteroid / Rock

The mass of the rock/asteroid, scan the rock/asteroid for this information
If you're mining with others, this will produce an equal split of profit betwen this many people
The ore you're trying to extract from the rock/asteroid
The percentage of your target ore the rock/asteroid contains (the first percetnage in the scan)


The price you'll get per cSCU unit from the refinery by selling the raw ore and not refining it
The amount of ore you'll get if you manage to extra all of it from the target rock/asteroid
The total amount you can expect to get from selling the ore raw to the refinery


Quantanium Timer
Multi-rock Calculator
Income from selling all possible extractable minerals at 88aUEC / cSCU. Not including expenses

Quantanium Refining

The refining method to be used to refine the ore. Some will be more expensive than others, some are faster, and some have high yields, we prefer Ferron Exchange for a good compromise.
The amount in cSCU units of ore to refine
The sale price per cSCU unit at TDD for the refined ored, this will change regularly and is just an estimate, enter the value you are expecting to sell at
Miscellaneous costs such as quantum fuel, hydrogen, repairs, hauling costs
The amount of refined ore produced after refining
Estimate of how long the refining process will take.
The estimated cost of refining
The total profit after selling the refined ore, after all expenses including any split between miners

Crew Split

The number of crew members in the current mining run
The total profit after selling the refined ore, after all expenses, before splitting
The In Game Name of the crew member
The role of the crew member.
The number of shares of the total haul this crew member will get. This is normally 100, set to 0 if they don't want a share.
How much this crew member will be paid

Refinery Jobs

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